vRealEstate Web CRM
vRealEstate is a web-based software that to imporve your services to ocustomers and
to use customer contact information for targeted marketing.
vRealEstate is a complete web-based solution designed for both real estate agency and client use. It aims to improve the efficiency of agents with numerous data matrix to search for the real-time property data and to provide easy way for buyers and tenants in search of all property available.

vRealEstate separated into 2 parts :
Agent Portal
Agent Portal is the CRM solution that enhances agency's company operation and management. Comprised of a large property and real estate database, list of properties which are “on-sales”, “to let”, “auction” and “new projects” nationwide will be able to be generated based on customers' requirements and search for property up to their requirements. Detailed property trails including photos and video, property contracts, histories and owners' details are made available. Also available is the analytical result of hot selling and latest available properties based on search popularity. Besides, table calendar is integrated to assist agents in daily activities, appointments, events and other special occasions. Build rapport with the developers by generating their contacts and projects and keep tracks the housing transactions.
a. Negotiator
Personal Details
  • A simple screen to view the negotiator personal details including the property those they responsible for, the commission payout and etc.

b. Client
  • Agents can check for the client’s information and particulars via the Client Details. The property that belongs to the client, client’s name, the housing transaction that they involved, and etc also can be found in this feature.
Property Records
  • This module makes agents easy to create and manage each property in the portfolio, from basic address information to the floor plans, upgrade packages and status details of each unit in the property.
Tenant Records
  • Track the past and present tenant records based on the different types of property.
Enquiry Records
  • Track the past and present tenant records based on the different types of property.
c. Property
  • Agents can check for the details of the property with this module and it is easy for customizable the categories of property and manage the overall vRealEstate.
  • Clients never spend valuable time for trying to find information regarding to the property. The search function makes client can predominate the information at fingertips.
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d. Appointment
  • Reminder set via the calendar thus agents can follow up the schedule on time. Besides, agents’ daily activities, appointments, events and other special occasions are also included in this module.

e. Tools
Financial Calculator
  • Financial calculator helps client to calculate gross total housing loan, gross potential income, gross rent multiplier and etc. This module helps client to estimated monthly housing payments for different type of housing loan amounts, interest rates and mortgage terms.
Map Viewer
  • Map provided to any relevant addresses.

f. Integration
Database Integration
  • Selected property can be uploaded to Property and Real Estate Portal directly with just a click. Property details, images and video will be uploaded simultaneously.