Company Profile
Our portfolio is built around
innovative offering in business
and life-style solutions
Visix Technology is a comprehensive business intelligence provider, established in 2005, with its core competence spanning every aspect of system planning, design, implementation, and project management.

In addition to high international operational standards and best practices, we are focused on research and development integrating new technology applications to an already comprehensive suite of IP solutions. In line with our global development strategies, we are expanding our operation to SEA and Eastern Europe. We are in a strategic position to support our rapid growth of business development plan through our business partners.

Our integrated Smart Initiatives IP Solutions are poised to achieve the pinnacle of our commitment to innovation enabling us to be the leader in our integrated Smart Initiatives IP Solutions. Corpweb not only develops ground breaking IP solutions, but also taking the leadership in creating a seamless integrated smart city with innovative living; promoting total mobility, convenience, security and a technologically harmonized lifestyle.

In addition to providing consumers, government and developers seamless integrated smart IP solutions to transform and enhance the modern lifestyles; we also supply corporations with efficient tools in running their business and improving P&L bottom line. The diverse background of our key personnel includes server specialists, logistics and manufacturing professionals, database and networking experts, programmers, and BPR consultants.

From web to mobile technology, from lifestyle to business solution, with these well-rounded skill-sets, Corpweb has the capability to offer our client a one-stop solution in every aspect.
To emerge as a global Malaysian business in providing globalize and competitive business & lifestyle solution by developing state-of-the-art software solutions.
  • To provide solution to SMEs and to grow with SMEs.
  • To provide unique and pioneered solutions for commercial and consumer.
  • To sensitive with state-of- art software development technology.
  • To be committed to highest customer satisfaction.
  • To consistently deliver revenue growth and profitability for our stakeholder.
  • To create an honest, creative, enjoyable, rewarding environment and empower our employees by practicing job delegation and succession planning.