Where to shop today? Shopping just got smarter

What is Hotshops?

HotShops is a dual mode online portal which provides the mobile and web 2.0 based online yellow pages specially designed for the new age mobile users’ needs, as well as online internet management website for merchants to provide their information, products, services and prices.

Decide where to shop for your favourites with the best price and offer in town, with just a click away, using either your mobile phone or computer. If you like to shop fast, Hotshops must be your handy kit.

Having the massive database around, Hotshops will also be providing a forum space for feedback on products & services provided by merchants. This will serve as a good guidebook to the consumers!


Hotshops also regarded as a new channel for merchants to send their name to the mass consumers.

a. Mobile and Web 2.0 Portal

Accessible using mobile phone, laptop, personal computer or electronic kiosk through 3G or EDGE mobile network or personal computer through WiFi broadband within the premises.

b. Wireless Available

Access to thousands of shopping information using free wireless broadband such as WiFi broadband within the premises of subscribed broadband such as WIMAX, 3G or EDGE services. Smart consumer gets smarter.

c. User Created Content (UCC)

  • Mall management and retailers are able to upload and update content with our online content management system.
  • Forum space for customer to give feedback on products & services.

d. Detailed Product Listing

Not just merchants’ details. Hotshops displayed itemized product listing selling at your stores. Unlimited.

e. Category Browsing

Browse the website categories to look for the products and the selling stores.

f. Product Search with Price Comparison

  • Search Engine wider the searching ability towards products.
  • Special features which allowing price comparison.

g. GPS Mapping

  • Complete WiFi coverage throughout mall.
  • GPS enabled guidance and location identification to the selling stores.

* The service is available for FREE. However local Telco broadband charges for using GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA, WiMAX may applies. We encourage using BT under free or unlimited broadband connectivity, e.g. unlimited WiFi service.

Content’s Package (Mobile & Webpage Portal):

Package 1 Standard template design (self product uploading template)

RM100 Introductory Price: RM50

(Free for EliteMaxClub Member)

Package 2 Standard template design with product uploading service provided Charges varied according to content items
Additional Annual Maintenance Fee RM100
Online Purchase Service RM0.50 per transaction or 0.5% of each transaction
Online Reservation RM0.20 per transaction
Applicable for Branch RM40 Introductory Price: RM20