vFinancialPlanner Web CRM
The first ever Financial Planning tool for agent and personal investor for the region
A sophisticated and informative financial planning tool is arguably the most important factor in establishing and maintaining a successful financial advisory practice. Besides providing complete investment information of a investor, it must possess abilities to analyze for complete and accurate investment portfolios.

vFinancialPlanner addresses the unique concerns and needs of the financial services industry, not only it helps to feed both financial planning consultant and investor with real-time information, but it helps to customize financial portfolio according to investor priority of livings.
  • Client Details
    Customer information will display on a single screen, providing user with a 360 degree view of all relevant information. Having immediate access to customer information significantly improves the sales process and customer satisfaction.
  • Investment Portfolio
    Track all investor transaction details and histories, including subscriptions, redemptions and transfers. Integration-ready to existing fund houses’ system.
  • Portfolio Analysis
    Based on the transaction histories, portfolio analysis can be customized and generated to help consultants to advise the client. Printer-friendly reports are available too.
  • Financial Analysis (Risk Profile)
    Like Portfolio Analysis, Risk Profile reports help investors to define their risk factors and risk taking abilities thus selecting the right investment profile to their needs.

  • Agent Details
    vFinancialPlanner supports a simple, easy and quick to read agent profile screen.
  • Sales Performance Analysis
    The system supports the agent sales efforts by providing real-time sales performance. Besides, it also permits agent at anytime to analyze their sales performance and generate a report subsequently.
  • Commission
    Calculates the commission of every agent and group based on their sales performance.
  • Agent Structure
    Providing agent and leader with a 360 degree view of its agent hierarchy and placement.

  • Pricing History
    Monitor daily fund prices from different fund houses.
  • Performance Analysis
    Generate a reports concerning of the current fund performance analysis. Hence, investor can choose the right fund to invest base on the reports.
  • Fund Comparison
    This module is designed for the consultants and investors to compare among several shortlisted funds before decided on the most performing funds to invest.

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Financial Calculator
Various financial tools are available to assist in explanation and analysis:
  • Future Value
  • Present Value
  • Cost of Procrastination and etc.

Presentation Tools
Various presentation tools are downloadable to provide consultants with sufficient marketing materials. Investors can be benefited from informative materials such as Fund Prospectus and etc.

Recommended for:
The solution is particularly useful for:
  • Unit Trust Fund Houses
  • Unit Trust Consultants
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Insurance Consultants