vIndustrial Web CRM
From job order to planning, manufacturing
to shipping, keep every process available at
client fingertips
Customers usually interacting with a company perceive the business as a single entity, despite often interacting with a number of employees in different roles and departments. vIndustrial WebCRM is a combination of job order, raw material inventory, planning, purchase, manufacturing and delivery processes pipeline implemented by a manufacturer to not just streamlining the whole manufacturing processes but to unify its customer interactions and provide a means to track the whole order to delivery status, a true 360 degree view. The quality of services brought by the solution is committing confidence for new and profitable customers, while forming tighter bonds with your existing ones.
User & Group
This module is the management to target groups formed from the client base. Synchronize processes calendars and address books exchange, managing activity logs for multiple users & groups.

Dashboard and Alert System
Forget no more! With the dashboard design and alert feature, enable the user automatically receive notification when specific production conditions are met. Moreover, user also can view pending processes. Hence, a reminder will received by user when the appointments and to-dos are due.

Work-In-Progress Report
For gathering status of the processes of each order, reports can be generated at anytime.

Customer information will display on a single screen, providing user with a 360 degree view of all relevant information. Having immediate access to customer information significantly improves the sales process and customer satisfaction.
Keeping track of the order and delivery history helps clients to keep track on the shipping status.

This module helps Planner in preparing the planning for job order upon receiving. It can also provide much accurate details.

Integration with Weblogic
Integration with Lotus Notes
Why Web 2.0 - Based Web 2.0 - Based Application - Based
Hassle-Free Installation
Web Address (URL)
Internet Connection
Internet Browser
Remote Management
Technical Support
Customer is always right! Technical Support module serves as a direct communication channel for customer to reach the manufacturer, thus forming tighter bonds with your customers.