Multi-level Marketing one-stop solution
vMLMS is a system that calculate commission, billing, inventory, handling of agents and records, and etc while allowing the members access to real time information about their sales, commission and history through a user friendly web-based front-end. vMLMS gives the ability to efficiently manage one’s company and gives the affiliate forces the reporting and tools that they need to expand the networking business. We have since tailor-made dozens MLMS solutions with dozens of different business models available in the market, makes us one of the pioneer in this blooming industry.

vMLMS Agent Record
Agents can check their information and particulars via the Agent Record. The particulars that belong to the agent, agent’s downline structures, the services or product that they have purchased, and etc can be found in this feature.

Agent Placement & Hierarchy
One of the strong features of vMLMS is the ability to adapt to multiple types of bonus structures based on our service to dozens of MLMS players in the region. Through this feature, agents and company can always check for the whole placement structure and agent hierarchy, displaying in pyramid style, for visibility benefits.

Sales Performance & Analysis
Agents or company can always check the sales performance and have the performance analyzed in a list of reports and analysis available. This helps the company and agents to understand performance of their structure and willing to tackle the weaknesses on-time.

Bonus & Incentive Calculation
This module allows bonus calculating for any given period. It could be in real-time, daily or monthly modes depending on your business model. Besides, it will calculate agents’ incentive based on their personal sales performance, directly from the billing records.

Why Web 2.0 - Based Web 2.0 - Based Application - Based
Hassle-Free Installation
Web Address (URL)
Internet Connection
Internet Browser
Remote Management
Tools, Equipment, Machinery Maintenance Log
To check the tools, equipments, machinery records for every maintenance. Useful for monitoring the efficiency of the project assets.

Supplier Review
To review the supplier’s detail periodically. Purchaser is allowed to review the supplier from time to time, for the services, quality and deliverance provided by each supplier, in line with ISO9002 requirements.
Multi-level Securitized Workflow
Ensure that every workflow is secure and confidential. Only desired user group is granted privileged to access to each modules.