Maximize the efficiency of business processes across entire enterprise.
vBusiness is a web-based solutions that provides a complete solution to assist user in making their business more productive, competitive and responsible to customer needs and production requirements.

Product description will be shown to describe basic details of product. This feature allows users to store images in database. Thus, users are able to upload more than a picture per product with different angle to make a clear image for customers. Product will be listed out in several categories with pricing. Search engine is available through the exact key word to match with the product.

Customer detailed and information will be displayed including name, account number, credit limit, term of payment, billing address, phone numbers, emails and etc. Different customer might have different responsible sales person, thus, the responsible sales person details will be displayed as well. Classification of customer makes user ease to handle customer relationship with the customers.

Sales Staff
Separate into 2 parts which are sales team and sales person. Sales team consists of several sales persons that group together for team efforts. On the other hand, sales person is able to retrieve personal particular information as well as commission payout. Commission rates will be calculated based on their personal daily sales.

Admin can generate Invoice (or Debit Note) by selecting customer name, responsible sales person, product purchased, amount of invoice and etc. Moreover, admin also can check the billing histories by matching a keyword in search feature. Status record of each billing items helps admin to keep track of all activities and processes comprising the entire enterprise.

Payment is designed to process the disbursement from customer including payment type, amount, remaining amount, status and collection. Besides, the product returns from customer, payment claim and etc will also include in this module. Furthermore, if there is any short supply to customer, Credit Note can be issued from the solution.

With this inventory feature, users allow to check for the real-time balance quantity for a product that ready to sell. Furthermore, inventory of product will be automatically updated from the billing record and production record. It is easy for enterprise to make the ordering in time in order to maintain healthiness of inventory.

Mobile POS
Mobile POS is designed to allow sales person generate the invoice while on the move.

Barcode Reader
Management able to perform speedy stock checking and product entry while stock check.