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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an enterprise-wide information system designed to coordinate all the resources, information, and activities needed to complete business processes such as order fulfillment or billing.

With ERP, it uses a central database that holds all the data relating to the various system modules. In order to achieve a faultless integration, an ERP system uses manifold software and hardware as well. ERP system is very common used by larger retail chains. An ERP system usually comprises function-specific components that are designed to interact with the various components such as the Sales, Operation, Inventory and Finance.

Salesperson Incentive & Performance
This element focuses on the different strategies to be deployed in order to help the company in increasing the sales volumes. Company can be benefited from this function to calculate salesperson’s incentive and their personal sales based on the daily sales. The sales incentive can be calculated based on daily / monthly / specific date range, according to company business model.

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Sales Performance & Analysis
With all the components integrated, company can always check the sales performance and have the performance analyzed in a list of reports and analysis available. This helps the company to understand their operation and willing to tackle the weaknesses on-time.