vConstruction Web ERP
vConstruction is a comprehensive, integrated and user friendly ERP system for
Project Management Industry
vConstruction is a comprehensive, integrated, modularized and user-friendly ERP system for Project Management Industry. vConstruction is a ready to use system, which is useful in quick implementation thus reducing the lead-time. Besides that, it will also increase the effectiveness in monitoring and executing of work.

There are few advantages of vConstruction for Project Management industry:
  • Web-based solution, allowing remote access to increase productivity and providing real-time results.
  • Total system control and data security.
  • Project scheduling in stages, with costs and allocation of resources.
  • Tender management and bid analysis.
  • Project monitoring in effective way.
  • Report generated within all modules is viewable on screen as well as exportable to Acrobat PDF Files.
Based on ISO9002
ISO9002 is a quality assurance model made up of quality system requirements. Our vConstruction solution was built based on the standard requirements and in many cases, it reduces the redundant work and paperworks.

Project List
The previous or present project that the company handled will be displayed in this feature. The status of the project that in progress, the file been uploaded, the person that leaded the project and etc can be found at here.

Pricing Library
Pricing library displayed and stored the price of the raw material, labor and services. It allows purchaser to compare the pricing for each item offers by each suppliers. After comparison and shortlisted, superior will have the final decision to choose from which supplier, then purchaser only have the right to issue PO to supplier.

Product/Material Price
Price comparisons of quotation and finalization of best quotation. Generates material receipt.
Work/Labor Price
User can review the cost of the labor.

It is tightly integrated with the inventory and payment features. Purchaser can now accurately and easily access information about vendors, stock levels, purchase analysis and etc. in real-time. vConstruction ERP provides a complete purchase history such as cost average, cost difference and average lead-time for each vendor, item and delivery schedules thus gathering useful information for project analysis.

Delivery Log
Users can check the product delivery records. Delivery in/out will be record in the delivery log and also including the transporter profile, date and time for the stock sent in/out.

Why Web 2.0 - Based Web 2.0 - Based Application - Based
Hassle-Free Installation
Web Address (URL)
Internet Connection
Internet Browser
Remote Management
Tools, Equipment, Machinery Maintenance Log
To check the tools, equipments, machinery records for every maintenance. Useful for monitoring the efficiency of the project assets.

Supplier Review
To review the supplier’s detail periodically. Purchaser is allowed to review the supplier from time to time, for the services, quality and deliverance provided by each supplier, in line with ISO9002 requirements.

Multi-level Securitized Workflow
Ensure that every workflow is secure and confidential. Only desired user group is granted privileged to access to each modules.